The following quotes are from audience members who have taken the time
to write in after attending one of Elizabeth's performance.

Thank you for your continued support and kind words!


"You have a great sensitivity to the music you choose, and you play so elegantly. While there are no shortage of pianists who are run of the mill excellent, real musicians who address the structure of the piece and create a wonderful legato when they play are always going to be rare. You are undoubtedly in the second category. Count me in as one of your fans."

- Michael


"You are destined for greatness. There are musicians and then there are magicians - when one can no longer analyze the music but becomes one with it. You stand out above the rest. Wishing you continued success!"

- Hilda


"So much soul and conviction, and total commitment to the music that is rare to see. "

- Dan


"Such a pleasure to meet you - if only briefly - among your adoring fans. The concert was brilliant. . . I bought your CD and it has been in the car with me for the long drive to and from work. Thank you for a wonderful evening with Chopin!"

- Randy


"My wife and I congratulate you on a sterling performance. Truly, we are impressed by your virtuosity, your enthusiasm, your charm, and your apparent modesty."

- Armin


"It would be an understatement if I told you that you are phenomenal.  Your compositions are terrific. I have never heard such warm playing, and I have heard some of the greatest.  Your Chopin is absolutely incredible.  If Horowitz and Rubinstein were alive, they would try to emulate you."

- Julius


"Yesterday's concert was wonderful! You are a brilliant pianist, Elizabeth! . . . We greatly enjoyed the wonderful music and the pleasant atmosphere. . . Hands down, we enjoyed your piece, the last one of the evening, the best - by far. The percussionist was a really nice touch alongside the Chopin-Borowsky tunes. . . Please let us know when you will be playing again. We'd like to become regulars! Add two more fans to your fan club."



"WOW. A truly fabulous performance of Rhapsody in Blue!"



"Elizabeth - How beautiful you looked and performed yesterday! Your arms were like wings - powerful yet relaxed and floating beautifully. We loved the music, the sounds, the atmosphere!"

- Yuliya


"I just had to tell you how amazing your concert was. You are so incredibly talented and you have such a wonderful gift and I just want to thank you."

- Kristy


"Thank you for a brilliant and very communicative performance! Not too long ago, I attended a performance by a big-name pianist. I must say I really enjoyed your concert much better. You are an extraordinary pianist as well as a very lovely person."

- Beverly


"You played beautifully! My mom, grandmother, and I thoroughly enjoyed your performance."

- Christian


"Congratulations on an amazing performance tonight!"

- Xing


"My father and I enjoyed your performance – it was very inspirational!"

- Cecil


"My husband and I really enjoyed your concert; it was as fun experience and I loved learning about the music, too."

- Jen


"You performed this masterpiece with gusto and feeling!"

- Marlene


"You sounded fantastic and it was such a pleasure playing with you as member of the orchestra. I hope we can do something like this again!"

- Jack



- Marge


"You played so beautifully, and you emceed so graciously. I especially loved the piece you composed  - that was really impressive."

- Brian


"Very, very well done performance. Great sensitivity and HUGE dynamic range."

- Duke